Great Wall of China

Travel Guide: Facts About the Great Walls of China

Being the longest human-made wall in the world, the Great Wall of China has been one of the most scenic places that everyone wants to visit. It is a site that represents one of the greatest architectural skills that you will ever come across. Additionally, it is a great tourist attraction site and has been used to film various movies and documentaries. If you are new to China, the china geeks travel blog will reveal more about the Great Wall of China, as well as many other attractions to visit. Let us take a look at the following facts that make the wall a place to marvel about by both modern and ancient architects.

It is not a continuous wall

continuous wallIf you look at the pictures of the Great Wall of China, you will easily think that it is a continuous line, but it is not. A closer look shows that there are parallel walls in some places. In addition to that, it gets to various sections where there are circular walls, and there are places where there is no wall at all. This is because the walls pass through a mountainous section and so, it is connected by both large and small mountains. If you choose to walk through the wall, it will be like moving from one mountain top to another without the normal hiking procedures.

It has been visited by more than 300 heads of states

Very few places in the world come close to the popularity of the Great Wall of China when it comes to the number of heads of states that have visited it. There have been more than 300 heads of states on this site. Most of them were interested in the wall’s most famous section, Badaling. The first famous world leader was Soviet Statesman Klim Voroshilov who made his maiden visit in 1957. Apart from heads of states, the wall is also a popular destination for other VIPs and celebrities from across the world.

The Jiankou section is the most photographed part

china wallMost of the pictures that you see in books, magazines, and online are of the Jiankou section of the Great Wall of China. This is because photographers find it to be the most scenic part. It stretches over high mountains and has the steepest slopes. In addition to that, it goes through the thickest mountainous sections of the entire part, and therefore, it makes for the best viewing. You can easily check out the vast mountains that lie lower than those in this section and sample the amazing landscape while taking a walk here.


In addition to that, did you know that it is almost impossible to see the Great Wall of China from space with the human eye? If you want to see the wall while in space, you will need an aide.

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How easy is it to use an flight time calculator

Time calculator

A flight time calculator is a tool specifically created to calculate the flight distance and the required flight time for a single journey. It can be used to determine these factors from any airport or any location in the world. It also provides a very accurate calculation of the total traveling time required to reach a certain destination. It includes the relevant time zone information and a comprehensive journey map. The use of a flight time calculator has provided utmost convenience and efficiency for all travelers across the globe. It is an innovative tool which provides accurate information regarding both domestic and international flights.

How easy is it to use a flight time calculator?

If you’re interested in trying out a flight time calculator for the first time, there’s no need to worry. It doesn’t involve any complicated steps or procedures to generate results. Check and fill in the blanks which ask for specific information regarding your flight. First, you would need to enter which airport you are flying out of, and were you are going to arrive.

phoneThen, you would have to choose your date of departure from the calendar provided. Next, you have to choose your airport of destination. Finally, it would ask for the specific time of departure so that it can accurately calculate the approximate travel time.

The last step is to click the “Calculate flight time” button to generate the results. By using a flight time calculator, you will be able to plan your trips while taking into consideration various flight factors. It will help you plan your domestic and international flights accordingly.

How do I interpret the results of the calculation?

All flight time calculators have been created to provide utmost convenience to its user. It is extremely easy to navigate so that people wouldn’t have a hard time trying to figure out how to use. In a similar way, once you have successfully generated the results of your search, it would provide you the approximate flight distance. With this data, you will be able to determine how long the flight will take for you to reach your destination.

phoneThe results are shown in a very easily readable format so that the user will be able to understand it without experiencing any confusion. The result of your search will show you the estimated distance, estimated time of arrival, altitude, average heading and average wind speed. It generates a very accurate computation of the data you have entered into the flight time calculator.

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The last Minutes Checklist Before A Vacation

No matter how much organized you are while getting ready for a trip; the truth is that you’ll never remember all the tons of things that you need to do before heading out. The list of what’s to be done might be a little bit long especially if you’re going on a long vacation and leaving no one behind. Yes! Going on a vacation comes with its share of excitement. Of course, you’ll always pack your luggage pretty ahead of time, double or quadruple check your flight details and make sure that you know the day and time of your flight.

Indeed, these are the major things that warrant most attention. But, they aren’t the only things you need to take care of before locking your front door and kissing your pet bye bye. Other big and important things are always overlooked. Here is the last minutes checklist of random details and loose ends that need to be tied up before heading out to vacation.

The last minute checklist before a vacation


Never leave without notifying your credit card and ATM companies. By just calling, notify both of the upcoming travel plans. Also, before boarding the flight, pay off your credit card so that you can have more credit available for the entire trip as well any surprise expenses. Make a copy of your bank cards or credit cards and leave one of each of the with someone at home so that should you lose your cards you can still have all your vital information, like the international numbers to contact your banker.


Scrutinize your travel details

Clearly, outline your itinerary by making sure you have a schedule of what’s happening back at home and that of your trip. For the twentieth time, check your tickets including the date, day and departure time including departure location. Never assume that you’ll be flying out from a major airport when in the real sense your flight will be darting from a smaller airport some distance away. Also, organize earlier transportation to the airport so that you can get there in time preferably an hour before check in time. Check your luggage allowance and ensure that what you have fits within any weight and size restrictions.

Go through your accommodation details

Figure out earlier enough how you will commute from the airport or station to your accommodation. Is it appropriate to take public transportation, or what are the other available commuting options to where you need to be? Ensure that your accommodation details are in order before even boarding a flight.

Know the address in both English and the local language of that os the case. Jave their phone number as well as brief details of where the place is situated. Last but not least, confirm and re-conform your reservations by calling your accommodation ahead of time and let them know about your travel and arrival.

Pack your vital carry-On

Kindly, be pretty sure that you have all the vital documents you need for traveling as well as other personal effects. These should include travel documents like the passport, identification documents, medications, as well as any charger that you may need for the trip.

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7 Things to consider when hiring a luxury yacht

Yacht Charter Phuket cater to your every need and bring you to the most glamorous top destinations in style and comfort.Understanding which yacht and crew will properly meet your requirements is a major step to getting a unique boating experience.Here are the main concerns you should consider and discuss with your broker when hiring a luxury yacht;

Sail or motor?

While each has an extremely different clientèle, they offer similar facilities and luxuries, motor yachts are like hiring a huge villa on water whereas on the sailing yacht, in case its windy, the vessel will tilt.For a genuine sailor, you will benefit from the sailing experience by taking down the sails.

Where would you like to cruise?

Picking a travel destination is an initial question you must ask. Yachts will cruise in the same region for an entire season.Therefore you might have very different types of luxury yachts in the Mediterranean or Scandinavia.

What kind of destination experience would you like?

Would you like to maintain a distant bay by yourselves?Most people desire to be where everybody is since that is where the real action is.


What is your financial budget appetite?

financial budgetThere are yachts for all sorts of costs.The starting point is just about $150000 weekly for most companies.There might be an additional 25 percent for food, beverages, port and communication charges, gas all paid before leaving the dock.

Will it seem sensible to divide the expenses between a group?

Although it almost never happens.Most yachts have one master cabin, so it becomes difficult to split up things equally.You truly need someone to help make the decisions.Will we sail during the night? How much time do we stay at the port? What time do we take breakfast?It is far much better if you have a good lead charterer

Which kind of crew do I like?

Knowing about the staff and their style is a critical part of the procedure.”A crew is more important than a yacht” Would you like informal, or professionals dressed up in smart uniforms?You could have the best yacht, and unless you click with the crew, the charter is likely to be a disaster.At the same time, you could have a yacht that may not be at its best but the staff is amazing, and everybody leaves happy.

Can itinerary change be possible?

3333jhgIt is completely rare for your location to be jammed up to an itinerary except when you are embarking or disembarking from the ports, Nevertheless, you can choose an itinerary that suits your needs.

Last but not least, find out if you can prolong your charter.You can discuss an option to extend the charter when making your reservations.Often you may not be able to decide until you are in the middle of your cruise.

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Cheapest Time To Travel To Cuba If You’re On Budget


Cuba is one of the best countries to visit especially if you are a beach and architecture lover.

There is never a boring moment in this country and everywhere you go you will always find something that appeals to you. Ranging from Cuba’s classic cars to continuous backing soundtracks, the country will just soothe your senses even without much effort. However, it is good to remember that the attractive a place, the higher the number of visitors who will be seeking to visit.

As such, it is always important to know when it is cheapest time to travel to Cuba since this is the only way you will be able to enjoy yourself without any limitations. Normally, most of us would like to visit on a budget and therefore it is always good to think of the cheapest moments when you can travel without financial stress.

carAvoid peak seasons

Normally, many people visit Cuba as a way of escaping the harsh weather in Europe and other countries. As such, it is always good to consider the seasons and know when it is favorable for you to travel. In most cases, traveling between April and early days of May will always afford you some amazing deals.

The month of November is also an ideal time to pack your bags and head to Cuba. September is also a good month to visit. In addition, late January also works well especially because during this time, many travelers are wrapping up their Christmas vacations and therefore the demand for services is usually lower. This works well when you consider the law of demand and supply. When there are many visitors, the higher the prices will be but this will change as the number of visitors decrease.

Follow the weather patterns

cuba libreAlthough the months of April, early May, November are favorable, it is always good to consider the weather patterns in different places if you are to pick the cheapest time to travel to Cuba. Mostly, the number of visitors traveling to Cuba could be high during these months especially if winter is prolonged and very cold in countries such as the USA, Canada and parts of Europe.

On the other hand, prices are likely to remain high in September if the summer season is really bad. All in all, you will always find some great packages if you look around and this way you can save a lot of money during your travel.

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