Tips To Plan A 2 Week Budget Trip To Thailand

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Thailand enjoys a strategic location and serves as a gateway to the heart of Asia.

The islands offer a myriad of activities for the whole family to get involved in and share. Snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing and sailing, you can indulge in various water sports. Many of the resorts in Thailand are specially designed to cater for family holidays. While planning a travel trip, one needs to plan the budget carefully. Costs of hotel stays, car rentals, air tickets, if you do not plan them out carefully, costs can quickly pile up.

Here are some of the tips to plan a 2 weeks trip to Thailand.

Plan your budget

While planning your holidays in Thailand, the first step is to figure out how much you will need. Start your budget with the biggest expenses first- like airfare and accommodation. Decide how much you want to spend for each component of your trip and then plan your trip accordingly.

monkDo your homework

While planning for your family holiday trip in Thailand, make sure you do enough research on the place.

Although the cost of living is not very expensive in this beach country, but you need to do your homework to find the best hotel deals and other offers. Check out travel websites and compare the prices offered by them on airfare and hotel accommodation. This may take time, but then you may end up saving some money. Look for an all-inclusive package deal- that includes everything from air fare costs to accommodation to car rentals.

Plan early

To avail early bird discounts and to avoid last minute high prices, plan your trip early.

The earlier you book, the more you will be able to save. Some airline websites also offer promotion codes or last minute deals and you can have flights for cheaper that you can get on a discount website.

Go local

When in Thailand, try local street food.waterfall

Thailand offers a variety of local food; so instead of going to expensive restaurants, try local cuisine that is cheap as well as delicious.
Also, you can use local commutation to travel the city. This will help you get the feel of the country and save money on cab fares. This way you can explore new things throughout the holiday. This is also a great way of learning, and having adventure and fun.

Travel doesn’t need to be expensive. Being prepared is the key to a good and successful trip. The above mentioned tips will help you plan a memorable and pleasant 2 weeks in Thailand on a budget.

Carissa Swann / 2016-01-06 / Budget Trips

Cheapest Time To Travel To Cuba If You’re On Budget


Cuba is one of the best countries to visit especially if you are a beach and architecture lover.

There is never a boring moment in this country and everywhere you go you will always find something that appeals to you. Ranging from Cuba’s classic cars to continuous backing soundtracks, the country will just soothe your senses even without much effort. However, it is good to remember that the attractive a place, the higher the number of visitors who will be seeking to visit.

As such, it is always important to know when it is cheapest time to travel to Cuba since this is the only way you will be able to enjoy yourself without any limitations. Normally, most of us would like to visit on a budget and therefore it is always good to think of the cheapest moments when you can travel without financial stress.

carAvoid peak seasons

Normally, many people visit Cuba as a way of escaping the harsh weather in Europe and other countries. As such, it is always good to consider the seasons and know when it is favorable for you to travel. In most cases, traveling between April and early days of May will always afford you some amazing deals.

The month of November is also an ideal time to pack your bags and head to Cuba. September is also a good month to visit. In addition, late January also works well especially because during this time, many travelers are wrapping up their Christmas vacations and therefore the demand for services is usually lower. This works well when you consider the law of demand and supply. When there are many visitors, the higher the prices will be but this will change as the number of visitors decrease.

Follow the weather patterns

cuba libreAlthough the months of April, early May, November are favorable, it is always good to consider the weather patterns in different places if you are to pick the cheapest time to travel to Cuba. Mostly, the number of visitors traveling to Cuba could be high during these months especially if winter is prolonged and very cold in countries such as the USA, Canada and parts of Europe.

On the other hand, prices are likely to remain high in September if the summer season is really bad. All in all, you will always find some great packages if you look around and this way you can save a lot of money during your travel.

Carissa Swann / 2015-10-16 / Tourist Guide