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Once in a while, you need that break from the monotony of work. You and your partner need time to refresh and reconnect as a couple once more. Nothing beats that reconnection with your loved one than a romantic getaway in a log cabin. The good thing about log cabins is the exclusivity it offers a couple.

Log cabins offer that rustic look, a homely feeling or both. Log cabins are appealing in nature to couples. Many advantages come from choosing romantic log cabin getaways. In selecting a log cabin you and your better half should consider the following before you embark on that romantic getaway.


wood homeCompare the log cabin that you really want to go with their surroundings. For example, you can choose a cabin either in where it is nestled in the Tennessee Valley, on the Maine cliff, Florida Keys or the California haven in Big Sur. It is better to go to a place that is highly recommended by your friends or family instead of risking in a new area.

Private living planning

You should prepare yourself adequately since you will be cooking for yourself. After booking a cabin, it is better to shop for necessities on your way to the cabin. It is better to bring along books, card games and any other necessary thing for you and your partner since it will only be both of up there.

Packing for cabin living

When booking it is advisable to learn of the basic amenities that are provided for by the rental authorities. Learn if there are amenities such as laundry facilities and such. If you plan on doing some canoeing or hiking, it is better to come fully prepared for clothes that are needed.

Private and discreet

Choosing a log cabin for that romantic getaway is like a booking a hotel but, you enjoy more. The cabin is more private and discreet. It is highly unlikely that you will be disturbed by noises from nearby parties compared to a hotel.


bedroomCabins offer both of privacy regarding amenities provided such as swimming pool or a hot tub. The biggest advantage of a log cabin is that they provide the perfect setting to relax, unwind, and most of all fall in love again with your loved one.

Log cabins provide an opportunity for a couple to forget about the everyday stresses and once more focus on one another. Choosing a log cabin for that romantic getaway offer that perfect solution.

Casey Blackmon / 2017-12-08 / Accommodation
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