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Camping is a fun way to relax and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Being prepared for whatever nature has in store can help make camping more comfortable for everyone. When looking for the Best tents to buy in 2017, there are some points to consider to ensure that the tent meets all your needs.

It’s no secret that camping can be relaxing and enjoyable vacations, but if you don’t have the best family tent for your family’s size, it can soon turn into a disaster!

Tips to consider when buying a tent

Weather resistant

tentYour tent’s rooftop features are key determinants of weather resistance. Most of the times, camping involves unpredictable weather pattern. Therefore, your tent you opt to choose must provide you and your family with the safest environment. A good quality tent to guarantee you safe environment consists of mold resistant, breathable and waterproof material. By this I mean it should be waxed coated with mildew treatment and have windows for proper ventilation.

The cost of the tent

This is a financial decision that is made according to your financial status and personal budgeting. Tents will vary in price tag depending on the brand, quality, durability and size. However, it is possible to get a tent for your needs at relatively low and affordable price.

Comfort-ability and convenience

Tents with extra storage facilities are ideal for your camping. They make you feel at home. Frankly speaking, a tent with room dividers will allow for privacy, and separate those who are willing to sleep undisturbed from people who choose to stay awake up late. Additionally, it will also allow for sleeping and eating spaces.

Ease with the tent set up

Most tents are easy to set up than others thus allocating more time for fun. When tent set up is complicated and time-consuming, the whole process becomes frustrating. The worst experience is when the environmental weather is extreme such as hot and sunny, rainy or even unfavorable outside.


Consider buying a tent with reinforced zippers. The zippered windows and doors are not frequently prone to a lot of wear and tear which can be expensive to repair once worn out. Other tents have reinforced floors which can offer resistance to wear and tear from the cots.

Extra amenities

tentShower and change facilities are extra amenities that are most important when it comes to camping. Usually, these extra services are purchased separately, or they can come as part of the tent. Taller people mostly appreciate additional amenities such as tent head space.

Type and size

Choosing the right size and type of tent can turn up mind boggling. Not only offering for extra space, but it will also accommodate the size of your family making your camping worthwhile.


When looking for a tent to meet your camping activities, put above tips and guidelines into consideration. WHY? From experience, comfort and your lifestyle needs play a significant role in your mental health. If your tent does not have all features you want, then it is inconvenient.

Casey Blackmon / 2017-03-28 / Gear
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